A modern apartment in the heart of Milan. Elegance and simplicity are the distinctive features of an unusual restoration operation, which draws inspiration from the interiors of Milan’s most beautiful bourgeois homes and sets itself apart from the other changes in the Capital of Fashion.
In this building of the 1930s overlooking Porta Romana, there is no room for frills or décors. Only a pragmatic and moderate attitude that translates into interventions that make all the difference without altering the original structure.
The finishes give a contemporary twist to the materials and solutions typically used for Milan’s housing.
The features of the rooms – oak flooring, Venetian stucco and gypsum cornices – blend with the oak finish furniture, there by adding a natural touch to the setting.
The fixed furnishings integrated into the partitions help define the areas and increase the space.
This project stems from a specific request for bespoke furniture.


The living area features a floating wall unit and a bookcase used as a support surface for the entrance. Both match the doors of the entire apartment, which have the same Lava Elm finish.


From the living area, we proceed to the dining room. In perfect harmony with the surrounding space with a constant focus on bespoke elegance.


The master bedroom is designed to ensure the utmost comfort and relaxation without forgetting elegance. The Lava Elm headboard with wood panelling system allows you to get creative and easily move the open compartments and drawers attached to it.


The room opposite the master bedroom is youthful and more colourful. The perfect place where to rest and study.
The Giglio lacquer and Lava Elm finishes blend harmoniously with the Ossido colour, stirring different emotions.


The utility bathroom is modern and features details of great design. Enriched with the Lava Elm finish and Inverno Lacquer Rebel wall unit, which adds contrast and a contemporary touch to the composition.


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