“The position of the terraces of Montevecchia is one of the most beautiful in Brianza: a balcony that rises above the fog facing south. On windy days, you can see from the Cisa Pass to Mount Rose. (…) Other mountains defend it from the northerly winds. The mist and the fog that rise from the plains and lakes caress it fruitfully. It is clear that the best wine always comes from ripe grapes that grow under harsh weather conditions…”
Mario Soldati

These words describe the unique location of Casa Perego. A house with character featuring a large living room that integrates the dining, relaxation, and TV areas into one.
The furniture stands out for the value and authenticity of the materials – recycled oak – and a selection of cheerful colours that blend perfectly with the natural stone walls, which are another distinctive trait. At the top of the impressive stairway is the study area, which features a large bookcase and a unique desk. The spacious children’s room has a wardrobe with built-in TV positioned opposite the bed, and a desk, which makes this room perfect for daytime living.
The master bedroom has a wardrobe with glass doors in harmony with the walk-in wardrobe, which makes the structure particularly efficient.
A Quarantacinque bed, made of precious elm wood, embodies Fimar’s wood-processing mastery.
The bathroom features a combination of various products made of oak wood in natural colours


A composition designed for storing, housing, and decorating, and characterised by alternative Rebel System finishes.


Innovative materials that draw inspiration from nature to create a setting where the present and the past meet. A vertical composition to exploit the structure of the room and every inch of space.


A continuity of colours and style. The wood panelling with Quercia 50C finish emphasises every setting of the house.


The study area features a combination of Rebel System wall units. The different finishes and the alternation of solid and empty volumes add style and character to the composition.


A bespoke storage unit for even the smallest space. A plain yet elegant finish.


A cosy, colourful, and well-distributed space for any age and need. A neat setting characterised by a Plan single bed, a study area, and a roomy corner wardrobe with a contrasting Dream handle and a built-in Ghost TV stand.


A sophisticated room, where the essential and clean-cut bed matches the elegance of the wardrobe.


The bathroom furniture comes in soft natural colours that blend perfectly with the rest of the room and surrounding setting. A composition created with the Side and Rebel systems. A perfect combination of styles and materials.


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