Our philosophy

Customizing your home with design products that are highly functional? That’s Fimar’s mission, a young and lively Brianza brand capable of astonishing with the originality of its ideas and the practicality of its furnishing solutions. “Casa Fimar” is a contemporary, unique, elegant project. A complete collection of designer furniture that finds its perfect place throughout the house, where unquestionable quality and an excellent high-design-to-price ratio immediately catch the eye. To this, add a passion ingrained in the company’s DNA: dedicating time and space to research, moving from macro-analysis to the study of the most hidden detail. A team of furniture designers and engineers anticipates the tastes and most advanced needs of the user. For example, patents applied to the use of TV in the living area (Rack TV stand) and in the bedroom (Ghost TV stand) make “Casa Fimar” furniture extremely functional.


via Valsorda
22044 Cremnago di Inverigo (CO)

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