The exterior does not let you guess the surprise you’ll get when you walk inside.
The direct contact with the surrounding environment, the spectacular location, and the alternation of eye-catching spaces that define and connect the living area and the bedroom area, are the common thread of this house.
The entrance opens to a large space with an impressive Side System corner composition that blends tradition and innovation.
The TV stand panel is the perfect embodiment of Fimar’s wood-processing and technological mastery.
The dining area harmoniously combines Fimar’s two collections, which fit perfectly into the architecture of the house.
Product details, functionality, innovation and design find their perfect expression in the bedroom area with colours and woods that create the perfect setting not just for sleeping but for daytime living too.
The utility area – also featuring Fimar collections – completes the project.


The first composition in the entrance creates a tasteful welcoming space. The display column with Linear door plays an essential role, as it separates the living and bedroom areas without closing out light.


The seamless development of the Side System shelves meets the base storage units in the corner. The Rack Wide TV stand panel completes the composition providing it with formal balance.


The dining room features a large window and a clean-cut floating Rebel System sideboard with Quercia 50C and Avio finishes.


A bespoke wardrobe – which stands out for the unusual position of its handles – adds functionality to the space between the living and bedroom areas. Opposite, and in stark contrast with the wardrobe, is a composition created with Rebel System elements with shelves and hooks.


The Emotion wardrobe with built-in Ghost TV stand, Feel bed with storage box, and wood panelling system create a functional


Ensuring uniformity and harmony while enhancing the value of space. This room, once again, is a perfect example of how aesthetics and functionality can come together flawlessly, with swivel wall units, Plan bed with storage box, and wardrobe with Sipario doors, which can be used for the TV even in the study.


A bathroom unit where Fimar systems’ design rationality allows you to combine elements, colours, and materials.


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